The Prague subway is fast, efficient, clean and The Prague subway is fast, efficient, clean and easy to use. Our Prague Metro map shows the 3 metro lines that serve the city. La propriété est composée de 27 chambres. Le réseau comporte trois lignes dont l'exploitation est assurée par … On the contrary, in the Czech Republic (and, of course, Prague) the DST (or so called “summer time”) system is practised. Most parts of central Prague have meter zones with fees from 30 CZK to 120 CZK per hour (or you can arrange a long-term parking permit). The Prague metro carries around 600 million passengers a year and about 40% of people choose it as their mode of public transport in Prague. Il y a 5 façons d’aller de Prague à Varsovie en métro, avion, train, bus, train de nuit ou voiture Sélectionnez une option ci-dessous pour visualiser l’itinéraire étape par étape et comparer le prix des billets et les temps de trajet sur votre Please use this contact form. Metro lines run a service every 2-3 minutes during peak times, every 4-9 minutes after 19:00. Find out more here. It  is also the most busiest. Prague 9, Prague (0,7 km de : Métro Ceskomoravska) Situé à moins de 1 km de l'O2 Arena de Prague, l'apartmá Harfa propose un hébergement avec un restaurant, un bar et une réception ouverte 24h/24. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Have you got any questions? Daily carries over one million passengers who use it for travelling to work and school, or in order to reach their leisure time activities. Chronologiquement, il s'agit de la troisième ligne du réseau à avoir vu le jour, en 1985. Would you like to have a stylish and at the same time comfortable accommodation? past the airport) and can be used in central Prague for 60 minutes (90 minutes outside the centre) from validation. The longest escalator can be found in the Náměstí Míru station and is 87.2 meters long. Plus Prague - Offrant un centre avec piscine intérieure, Hôtel Plus Prague est situé dans le quartier Prague 09, à 3.7 km d'Eglise Saint-Sauveur. Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají. Meubles, Fauteuils, PRAGUE, Fauteuil, Lin et naturel Pour donner suite aux restrictions du gouvernement, le magasin de Monkland sera fermé du 25 décembre 2020 au … Bonjour à … Zone 0 includes all the surrounding areas, especially the various suburban train and bus ro… We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In 1968 the Russian communists came to Prague with guns and tanks blazing. It no longer runs to Dejvická. Příští stanice: [name of station] - Next station: [name of station]; In the year 2013, the metro system transported a total of 584 million passengers. Can I drive into Praha (Prague)? Which zone you are currently in can be found at the stations of mass transit or using a map linked below. In the city zone, you are entitled to use the services of: In the suburban zone, you are entitled to the services of: You can find more information about Prague Integrated Transport here: Allows travel on all public transport (tram/Bus/Metro). Le billet à 24 Kc est valable 1h30 après validation, dans le tram ou le métro. You can also find all these stations on this map – here. Emplacement de consigne à bagages partout à Prague Seulement 5€ par jour Pas de restrictions de taille Réservez en ligne avec Radical Storage (anciennement BAGBNB), le premier réseau de consigne à bagages à Prague. Downstream of the Nádraží Holešovice station, the route drops sharply to pass under the bottom of the Vltava, and then rises at anincline of 39.5‰ Metro Metro is the backbone of public transport in Prague. The […] There are 61 stations in total (three of which are transfer stations) connected by nearly 66 kilometres of mostly underground railways. Zone P consists of all zones within the city, including ferries, the Petřín funicular and some commuter train routes. The accessibility of the station for persons with impaired mobility and important places nearby are also given. The metro system was built in the socialist era with the aim to ensure the biggest transport capacity possible. Zkuste to prosím později. Prague dispose d’un aéroport international situé à 15 kilomètres à l’ouest de la ville, l’aéroport de Prague-Václav-Havel. 2. A line is green, B is yellow and C is red. Si on vous en parle d’entrée de jeu, c’est parce que le réseau aérien reste la meilleure solution pour se rendre There are 3 metro lines: A (green), B (yellow), C (red). Prague est une destination très Zones 0 and B apply separately for individual tickets, i.e. as two tariff zones. Klarov, located on ‘U Bruských’ street, might just be the most mysterious underground station of Prague. - Please finish exiting and boarding the train, the doors are closing; It is a modern integrated mass transit system. Visiter Prague en hiver et ses longues nuits… Sur trois jours, il faut nécessairement faire des choix dans les lieux d’intérêt que l’on visite… et surtout, avec mes amis, nous voulions nous donner le temps de nous imprégner de l’atmosphère de la ville. There are two fee zones. The line A (green line) is now extended from the station Dejvická via Bořislavka, Nádraží Veleslavín, Petřiny to the station Motol Hospital. He hope you will find the information useful. A glance at the map shows that the city is divided into 10 districts (Prague 1, Prague 2, etc.) Zone B is mainly identical to Zone 0, but the area of Zone B is much more peripheral, Tips and Tricks Přestupní stanice - [name of station], transfer station, Transportation of bicycles in Prague metro. But there is one thing that they did really well and that is the Prague metro. Every day, it services about 1.6 million people on its 3 lines which run for a total of 65 kilometres. The metro in Prague is hands down the BEST I've come across. linka (A, B, C) - line (A, B, C); We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. fare, fees, PID, PIT, zones. L'hypercentre de Prague, relativement petit, se visitera aisément à pied mais vous pourriez avoir besoin du métro pour vous rendre dans des quartiers plus éloignés, notamment à Nové Město. Line A covers 17 stations and it runs from east to west from Depo Hostivar to Nemocnice Motol. It is a 3 zone ticket designed to be used within the central tourist areas and only has a duration of 30 minutes when used in central Prague (or 60 minutes outside of Prague). I love that the tickets include the trams it makes travel around the city SO EASY. 12. The following is a list of Prague Metro stations, ordered alphabetically. The city zone – marked P; Suburban zone – marked 0; The area between these two zones is marked as B; The suburban zone is further divided into 7 sub zones marked from 1 to 7, depending on their distance from the center of the city with 7 being the most distant. eskalátor - escalator; The area of the city of Prague consists of two tariff zones, P zone and so-called "finishing" zone 0. I am a young Australian female who embarked on her first solo travel ever and I found the metro completely safe, clean, easy to navigate, affordable, and fast. Prague metro – City and Suburban line . The average headway for an entire week is about 4 minutes. Télécharger la carte du métro + tram PDF, KB Pour plus d'informations, appelez + chaque jour, 7–21h Signe de métro à Prague. ** In order to claim free transport for seniors over 70 years, it is sufficient to prove age (for example by identity card or by passport). Pamětní deska věnovaná otevření prvního úseku linky metra A 12. srpna 1978 - memorial plaquette dedicated to opening first section of line A in Prague This page was last edited on 27 September 2017, at 16:36. The validity period of a single, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days and 15 days ticket commences at the moment the ticket has been stamped and expires after the elapse of the appropriate time interval. Moreover, we have provided a discount of 35$ for your first stay – it is a worth a try, isn’t it? LineA prague metro completed.jpg 2,006 × 330; 184 KB Malostranská station on line A, Prague Metro.jpg 4,444 × 2,484; 5.72 MB Metro A, 2013.png 783 × 721; 17 KB Travel within Prague including the airport: visitors to Prague don't need to worry about fare zones as the standard Prague tariff includes all metro and tram services, also urban bus routes 100-299, the funicular and ferries. The best way how to get to know the local culture and to find new friends is through Airbnb. This is the glorious Prague Carnival, during which barmen, baristas prepare only Brazilian cocktails. Memorize these three stations - Muzeum, Mustek, and Florenc, in these stations, you can transfer to another line. Would you like to advertise on our page? You might be wondering which means of transportation are part of Prague Integrated Transport. výstup - exit, Placený prostor, označte si jízdenku - Paid area, validate your ticket; The Line D itself should be operational by the year 2022. It is very simple. À seulement 350 mètres se trouve le plus grand centre commercial de Prague, Novy Smichov, qui compte plus de 130 établissements entre boutiques de marques et restaurants. 32kc ticket. The Prague Metro has three lines, each represented by its own colour on the maps and signs: Line A (green, 17 stations, 17 km), Line B (yellow, 24 stations, 26 km) and Line C (red, 20 stations, 22 km). Prague Metro and Tram Map - a simple free and offline map of Prague Transport, very useful for tourists and visitors. Prague Public Transport Tickets and Passes Depending on how much you'd like to use public transport in Prague, you have several options for the type of ticket to use. This is a 4 zone Prague metro ticket that you buy in a shop really only used for longer journeys. The various ticket fares for Prague’s Metro are designed to be used throughout its completely integrated system. Other plans include the proposed construction of a new Line D. It was Approved by the City magistrate and construction is scheduled to begin this year (2017). The neighbourhood of Prague consists of four external tariff zones. © 2021 Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company Made with by PragueBest. Most parts of central Prague have meter zones with fees from 30 CZK to 120 CZK per hour (or you can arrange a long-term parking permit). stanice metra - subway station; Because of the soil characteristics the underground channels had to be dug quite deep so, as a result the escalators leading to the metro platforms are quite huge. Le métro de Prague (Metro v Praze, ou Pražské metro (métro pragois)) existe depuis 1974. Métro, tramway et bus à Prague Le métro, tramway et bus couvrent parfaitement l’agglomération Praguoise. It includes: - Prague Metro - Prague Trams The Prague Metro is a subway, underground public transportation network in Prague, Czech Republic. přestup - transfer; Přestup na linku A/B/C - Transfer to line A/B/C Zone P includes the metro, trams, Prague public transport buses (lines No‘s 100 – 299 and 501 – 599), the Petrin funicular, ferries and selected railway line sections. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. Comfortable access to all stations for everybody? If you happened to be in Prague in February, then you are lucky to enjoy two amazing events held during this month. Prague has only one metro zone and three lines, so navigating around the city is fairly easy. - Pour circuler dans Prague intra-muros, il existe 2 options (tarifs 2019). trasa - route; L'un de nos best-sellers à Prague ! That is roughly 1.6 million a day. Then, the headway is about a minute. On every booking of your accommodation you can get 10% off the final price. Hotel Bella - Hotel Bella, situé à 10 km de Vysehrad, propose un parking privé gratuit, une zone fumeurs et un distributeur automatique. Especially for you we’ve prepared unique discount. All about Prague metro in the Czech Republic. What is unusual about Prague metro is its depth. Vlak přijíždí do stanice - Train approaching the station; Trois lignes de métro sont accessibles - Please finish exiting and boarding the train, the doors are closing; [name of station]; 3. What does Prague Integrated Transport include. výstup - exit, Placený prostor, označte si jízdenku - Paid area, validate your ticket; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); eskalátor - escalator; Pour bien vous repérer sur place, utilisez et téléchargez les cartes et plans de Prague ! What seems like an ordinary steel gate in a back alley is in truth the sole entrance to the former vestibule of a metro station. Good news is, all metro lines are part of it, as well as some bus lines, trams and ferries and all rail lines coming out of Prague. Opatov becomes the Prague Metro’s 45th Barrier-Free Station Find out more 19. Nous vous recommandons de communiquer avec The most relevant stops for visitors are: 1. Meubles, Fauteuils, PRAGUE, Fauteuil, Lin et naturel Important : Il est possible qu'un écart survienne entre les quantités affichées ci-dessous et celles offertes dans nos succursales. Note however that the AE Airport Express bus is a special case and is not covered by the normal tariff. Ticket offices at the metro are usually open Monday - Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The metro system is the most busiest from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 AM. Nemocnice Motol est une station du métro de Prague située sur au terminus ouest de la ligne A dans le quartier de Motol. C’est la solution la moins chère pour se garer à Prague la semaine. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here you can find all the fares, including pre-paid time tickets. Line A (green line) – Prague Metro Line A was opened to the public in 1978 and the length of the route is 17.1 km. There are some car parks close to metro stations plus underground car parks. Vlak přijíždí do stanice - Train approaching the station; P, 0, B. Another good news is, that thanks to the integration, you can use your ticket from mass transit in the selected trains. The area below ground was built between 1952 and 1959 – when the country was under communist rule – but the station has presumably never been used before. Zone 0 consists mainly of bus lines for commuters from the suburbs of Prague. Náměstí Míru is also the deepest built station, being in the depth of 53 meters. Most popular. Prague trams, metro and buses. METRO (underground/subway) The Prague Metro covers all areas of the city centre, and extends some distance into the suburbs. You will find many useful tips and tricks, information about individual metro stations or when the metro system is out of service. Vous avez 8 manières de vous rendre de Allemagne à Prague. We will also update the page with any news regarding the Prague public transport system. Staré Město, quartier plus connu comme la Vieille-Ville, est la plus belle zone où se balader et se loger dans le centre historique de Prague. Prague 5, Prague (1 km de : Métro Nové Butovice) Situé à Prague, l'Apartments Praha Jinonice propose un hébergement avec connexion Wi-Fi gratuite, à 7 km du château de Vysehrad, ainsi qu'à 8 km du château de Prague et de la cathédrale Saint-Guy. (note basée sur 434 commentaires) Here is a plan, which might come in handy. metro - subway; Prague Metro and Tram Map - a simple free and offline map of Prague Transport, very useful for tourists and visitors. On these lines, all stops in Prague belong into zones 0 and B, while on urban lines (metro, trams, urban buses 100-299, funicular, ferries) all stops are placed into double-zone P. trasa - route; Le week-end, nous vous conseillons de vous garer dans Prague 5 Prague metro is planning to extend the line towards Motol by 2014. To reduce congestion in the city, Park&Ride parking places are used on the outskirts of Prague. Plan des lignes de Métro et Tram de Prague Plan des lignes de bus de Prague Vous partez visiter Prague ? Free credit – 35$ for your first accommodation! You can read more about the Line D here: It includes: - Prague Metro - Prague Trams The Prague Metro is a subway, underground public transportation network in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is divided into two zones. Au cours du XIe siècle, les habitants du Quartier du Château ont commencé à s’étendre jusqu’à l’est de la rivière Vltava pour former la Vieille-Ville (Staré Město). The train will take some eight minutes to drive through the six-kilometre-long stretch.The new section is 6134 metres long.The journey from the underground station Motol Hospital to Můstek will take 15 minutes. Ticket is valid for the fare zones “P”, “O” and “B” (central Prague with “P” counting as 2 zones and extending out 20km i.e. Nowadays, as the population of Prague continues to rise, it turned out to be a very smart move. There are some car parks close to metro stations plus underground car parks. As we said, zone P is made by rails, trams, metro, ferries and funicular to Petřín. It is the fastest means of transportation around the city and serves about 1.5 million passengers a day, which makes it the sixth busiest metro system in Europe. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) Do not confuse GMT, which is a time zone, with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), indicating a time standard, even though both share the same current time in practice, and neither of them change for Daylight Saving Time (DST). Le Theatrino Hotel est situé à Prague, dans le quartier de Zizkov, où se trouvent de nombreux restaurants et bars chics ainsi que la la Tour de télévision dotée d'une plate-forme d'observation de 93 mètres de haut. 10 Charvátova, Prague, 110 00, République tchèque – Excellent emplacement - voir la carte – Proche du métro Excellente situation géographique — avec une note de 9,6/10 ! přestup - transfer; The metro service operates from 4–5 am until midnight, with about 110 to 200-second intervals between trains and 4–10 minutes off the rush hours. Přestup na linku A/B/C - Transfer to line A/B/C Metro Line A runs through the heart of the city, connecting the main tourist sights. The shortest distance, on the other hand, is between stations Muzeum and Hlavní nádraží and is only 425 metres. Starting top left, Line A runs from Prague Castle (Hradčanská) to Lesser Town (Malostranská) to Old Town Square (Staroměstská) to the bottom of Wenceslas Square (Můstek) to the top of Wenceslas Square (Muzeum). Zone 0 consists mainly of bus lines for commuters from the suburbs of Prague. Dans différentes parties du monde, les systèmes de métro sont également connus sous le nom de heavy rail (États-Unis), rapid transit, mass transit, underground (), subway ou tube, light rail transit (en Asie) sans que cette liste soit exhaustive. 11. Information line Prague has an excellent public transport system, which consists of an integrated network of metro, trams, buses and funicular railway. Nádraží Veleslavín: The bus 119 from Prague Airportterminates at this station. Metro Zones and Lines. Every time we travel to a new country we use this kind of accommodation. That is how it should be and therefore the accessibility of the station keeps improving. La ligne B du métro de Prague relie les stations Černý Most et Zličín. The aim behind extending Line C of the Prague Metro betweenthe Nádraží Holešovice and Ládvístations by 3,981 m was to improve transport services in the northern part of Prague. We will talk about some of its advantages and recent changes. Objevila se nečekaná chyba, RSS zdroj je pravděpodobně mimo provoz. vstup - entrance; Prague Metro. * The ticket is valid for 30 minutes in the area of Prague for the combination of zones P, 0 and B. These are  Bořislavka, Nádraží Veleslavín, Petřiny and Nemocnice Motol. Emplacement juste à côté de la station de métro Les tickets de métro à Prague - forum Prague - Besoin d'infos sur Prague ? It also continues to expand beyond the borders of Prague into the Středočeský region with the goal to compete with the individual car transport. Ce qui revient à 184 CZK (amende + prix journée + ticket de métro) soit moins de 8€ par jour. Même si les stations sont bien marquées, pour ce qui ne connaissent pas la langue tchèque il y a How do you tell, if the station provides a wheelchair access? Malostranská: This is the metro station closest to Malá Strana. Its aim is to satisfy needs of the passengers and to make the journey itself as pleasant as possible. Přestupní stanice - [name of station], transfer station, You might be wondering which means of transportation are part of Prague Integrated Transport. The underground train which provides transportation to hundreds of millions of people each year is maybe the most famous mean of transportation in Czech republic, although it only operates in the capital of Prague. Would you rather stay in a pretty apartment or a hotel, where you have all-inclusive services? Parts of the line C are however built to operate above ground. Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají. Příští stanice: [name of station] - Next station: [name of station]; So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this promotion! Prague metro was first opened in 1974. Last year, Line A was extended and new stations were added to the system. The longest distance between two individual stations is 2748 metres (Kobylisy – Nádraží Holešovice). 2020 Prestigious award for T3 Coupé tram Find out more 31. The Prague Metro is an underground public transportation network. Praha (Prague) in Czech Republic has a Low Emission Zone or Nízkoemisní zóna . Many of you may be wondering, how Prague metro will continue to develop. Long-term tickets are sold at ticket offices at many metro stations (a full list can be found on the Prague Public Transit site) and at the Prague Public Transit Central Office at Na Bojišti 5, Prague 2 (near the I. P. Pavlova metro station). Short-Term Tickets (30 … The Metro operates 05:00-24:00. Zone P has a doubled tariff value and Zone 0 is divided into Zones 0 and B (the border stops zone)., Voucher – 10% off the final price for accommodation, Metro in Yerevan – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets, Metro in Baku – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets, Metro in Beijing – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets, Rail transit in Changchun – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets, Metro in Changsha – Map 2020, lines, stations and tickets, Official site of Public transport in Prague, The area between these two zones is marked as B. Metro is of a soviet design, and is built to have the biggest transit capacity possible. Somewhere, the process is quite slow, because it just simply was not thought of, when the stations were being built. They are not credited with doing much good in Prague. The zone assignment of stops in Prague is important only when travelling between Prague and Region, ie. The only notable difference applies to location, in which city tickets are priced differently from the ones used on suburban routes. Everyone has heard of it. Lines are mainly built underground and in several cases also run under the river Vltava. As of now, 38 stations are accessible to people with disabilities. The effective metro system we know today, was at this point a mere vision on paper (the “Metro Project Idea“) and only acce… vstup - entrance; when using suburban lines 301 to 399 or train lines that go from/to Prague. Below, you can also find a map of the zones.

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