Hassle free no hidden fees. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. 1 Standard Laser Tag Battle ($29.95 value) • 1 Grand Prix Race ($57.00 value) • Grab a bite to eat at Point Burger Bar How do I fit laser tag in my bowling center? We get this question all the time! Laser Tag Arena in Victoria. Columbus’ #1 Ranked Family Entertainment Center! Choose from over 30 different game types from your Standard Team Game all the way to Zombies! The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Never worry about half charged equipment on a busy weekend again. FREE FOR ALL ELIMINATION A free-for-all game in which the lowest score is eliminated every minute. The last player standing wins the game. When you blast an opponent your selfie will appear on their phaser along with where you tagged them. With either of these methods your staff will announce from the front counter that its time for all players in the blue (or 3:30) game to report to the briefing area, beginning with about 7 minutes left in the previous game. Providing adequate arena supervision at all times. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Each other player is a guard, with 20 lives and fast-firing weapons. Defining laser tag for 25 years. Book more group and corporate events with Trivia Tag Terminals. Elena Vorobeva CRO is 3rd, while the Olympic Champion Marit Bouwmeester NED holds 5th place. Multi-level laser tag attractions tend to perform better than single-level centers, especially in highly competitive areas. This is a Free For All Game. Patience and precision are required for the mini-golf, the laser tag game, on the other hand, offers strategic and dynamic game play. ft. two-tier tactical arena, 4-player HOLOGATE Virtual Reality, batting cages, a roller skating rink, Victory Lane Café, and the largest arcade in South Central PA! How do i consider space and site selection? For a 20 player system, you would begin the day with 20 passes of each color at your POS station. Instead of automatically reactivating, you must return to any base every time you are hit to respawn. Unfortunately there isn’t really a mid-level offering in-between the low-grade consumer laser tag that doesn’t keep score and can be purchased for around $50 per player, and higher end commercial equipment designed for Family Entertainment Centers, which can range from $700-$2000 per player. GPK Indoor Entertainment, 1300 Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, Oh 43209 Race our newly built track with sharper turns and higher elevations for your place on the podium. Laser Tag combines cutting edge computer technology with an action-oriented game to create an exhilarating, heart-pounding adventure in which strategy and teamwork are joined to defeat your opponents while having fun! Fastest Indoor Go Karts – Tactical Laser Tag – Next-Gen Escape Rooms – KIDZone. If possible, we would highly recommend a customized feasibility study and demographic analysis. You’ll also get a special burst fire weapon. Advance as well as same day reservations are strongly recommended. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. The arena by itself must be a memorable experience for your guests. Innovative Technologies, including: clip-free suit-up, wireless charging, capacitive touch detection, rubber grips, and 1000+ cycle rated batteries, US-based Manufacturing; most of our suppliers are located in the Mid-West, tightening our supply chain and keeping jobs in the US, Renowned Durability to ensure your investment in our systems holds up for years to come, The People; From our project coordinators to our customer support team we are committed to providing the best laser tag and the best owner’s experience. Imagine a giant eight foot by ten foot starship that comes strafing by. Who do you recommend for laser tag arena theming? As per our laser safety procedure, we purchase lasers that are certified to the CDRH standard, and then we again verify 100% of our product using a calibrated laser power meter. })(); LASERBLAST - The world's most durable laser tag equipment. ODDBALL. In these cases, a partially raised area is still preferable to a purely 2D arena. Their center lights flash white instead of the normal team color. Two lasers, one phaser. The initial investment can cost you anywhere from $100,000-$400,000 depending on the local regulatory environment, self-built arena or a turn-key solution, and whether the arena is single or multi-level. Each player is limited to 10 lives. Our support team is dedicated to helping assist in any way you may need. Different options are available to you! Tag any target, player, and base in the arena to earn points. The only laser tag vest of its kind with 16 HIT sensors and powered by wireless charging technology. We work with several amazing theming companies, including Art-Attack, Creative Works, and Studio41b. Our best selling Laser Tag System just received a huge upgrade. Shoot the opponent before they shut your down! Vest design- Our exclusive vest design uses a central magnetic latch, allowing for quick and easy vesting for all players regardless of clothing, size and hair. Instead of a colored game pass, this printed receipt is the guests′ ticket into the game. The rapid fire bonus is extremely powerful, so be careful not to allow your opponents to earn it. George Carter invented the Photon after being inspired by Star Wars. { Most repairs are very simple, and can be handled using your spare parts kit if you’d like to avoid the time in transit of shipping to our repair center in Plymouth, Michigan. Future proof your operation, spend less money on maintenance costs, and create a dedicated base of return laser tag players with our evolved system. We take a number of steps to reduce these risks, including: Soft foam safety tips on the front of the phaser, LED lighting throughout all hard surfaces of our equipment, Low-profile plastics so that players are more likely to bump into clothing instead of polycarbonate, Safety rules signage & video at the entrance of the attraction and reminders in the vesting area. Did you know? Cyberblast FEC comes with our standard LCD screen mounted on the back of the phaser. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Maps were disabled by the visitor on this site. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. A few customers every year do purchase one of our older model refurbished LiteBlast systems, or our handheld CyberBlast phaser system for home use. Between these two activities, 130 kids can be actively involved in our 27 000 square feet play space. This can be done with just the laser tag equipment and a speaker using existing barriers, such as a school gymnasium, park, or wooded backyard, or you can provide rental barriers with the equipment. Building an exciting arena with eye-catching designs is among the most important factors in the success of any laser tag center. With their smartphone, home computer or in-store web terminal, they can change their powerup for the next game and track their progress. Xtreme Grand Prix (2 races—GT-5 and RT-8) at Xtreme Racing. Use your elusiveness to reach and destroy the opponent’s base before they tag you. Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. After you capture the hill, defend it from your opponents and get ready to move on to the next hill. PROFESSIONAL LASER TAG GAME Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there! Most repairs are very simple, and can be handled using your spare parts kit if you’d like to avoid the time in transit of shipping to our repair center in Plymouth, Michigan. Our team repairs and returns items sent in for service in 1-5 business days from when we receive the item. Work as a team to control the arena, score the most points, and win the game. Blast your opponents as you make your way into the labyrinth, but stay alert for the traps that await. The last surviving human wins the game, which ends when the last player has been turned. Contact a Laserblast representative for contacts and more information on these companies. It’s very easy to add additional vests at a later date, if you find that the queue time is too long. Laser tag has become one of the most popular and highest-grossing attractions for FECs. The third icon on the screen will be your instant shields. How often can I expect to service my equipment? From the players’ perspective, The biggest difference between VR and the laser tag experience that our systems offer is the social experience. When the gate is green that means its safe to pass. It’s fun for the young as well as the young at heart!! Your LaserBlast representative can assist you with layout concerns such as which part of the building would be best for the laser tag attraction, how to avoid unnecessary demo work, and which other attractions would fit and make sense for your project. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. The snipers game format is for experts only- your shot rate is reduced to 1 shot per second, so take careful aim. Better Birthday Parties. The remaining 2570 square feet would be used for the laser tag arena. A typical Laser Tag attraction requires 2,500-5,000 square feet. Every minute 4 targets at random will be activated. Grand Prix New York Racing is a year-round destination for indoor go-kart racing excitement. If a guest purchased 3 games of laser tag, the attendant would record the transaction on your POS, and hand the guest 3 passes, each with a different color corresponding to a different time slot. Tag any target, player, or base in the arena to earn points. Laser tag Construction & Theming, Where do I begin? Because the briefing can be completed while the previous game is still ongoing, your staff should have an extra 3 minutes between games to react to unusual delays, complete any urgent tasks, and keep your games on schedule. Laser Game Evolution est un jeu de laser tag où les participants s’affrontent pour marquer un maximum de points dans nos labyrinthes multi-niveaux obscurs. Regularly reviewing your arena for safety hazards, including open rail hooks, tight blind corners, and very dark corridors. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. Children as young as 7 can take part in the over 30 tactical mission scenarios hosted by our professional event leaders. More promotions THE BIGGEST INDOOR PAINTBALL CENTRE IN NORTH AMERICA! With over 30 Game Formats to choose from laser tag will never be the same again. The Lazer Runner Battle Station gaming software keeps track of all of your game-play stats, ... Grand Prix Kartways Call for a reservation today so there is minimal wait time! Come and get involved with the great value Laser Tag session for just £12, every Sunday at our Birmingham (City), East Midlands and Letchworth venues. Your LaserBlast system includes 6 sets of game passes in various colors, each color representing a different time slot. DRACULA One player will be selected to be Dracula, turning red and gaining an infectious shot. Downtime is also increased, so take care not to move through exposed areas. Tag the front and the back of the vest for 200, or the shoulder and phaser for 100. On top of hosting Zero Latency VR gaming technology and being home to the fastest Go Karts in Victoria, we also have the largest laser tag arena in Victoria. The cashier then tells the laser tag attendant how many players have signed up for the game. They have DMX Controllers built inside them. LVLT is the PREMIER facility for Laser Tag IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY!!! With Laserblast Laser Tag Equipment, anything is possible. See where and who tagged you right when it happens. The lasers are on for 80 milli-seconds out of every 250 milli-seconds. RAPID FORMAT FREE FOR ALL. If you are selected, your vest will turn white and your lights will flash rapidly; other players will stay green. Get As Many Games As You Can In! Most of our packages include: Vests & Phasers, Computer System & Software, Scoreboard Output Box, Targets, Mines, Bases, Operator Resources & Briefing Video, Charging Stations & LED Vest Racks, Spare Parts Kit, Installation, Training and Travel Costs. The middle phaser icon will be your weapon selector. Cutting-Edge Laser Tag. Unlock exciting new powerups designed for steady progression keeping players always moving towards the next reward. Touch to be instantly invincible for a short amount of time! There are a few main components involved in the safety of laser tag equipment. When laser tag accompanies other attractions it can range from 2,500 square feet to 4,000 square feet. 7807 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33614. Is Vested or Vestless best for outdoor laser tag? The United States FDA recognizes this laser safety standard as being sufficient to comply with CDRH 1040.10 and CDRH 1040.11. TEAM SNIPERS. The 3rd round of the Portugal Grand Prix started yesterday with two races. a walk-under area requires a ceiling height of 16′. We recommend requiring that a game marshall or referee monitor the gameplay, and warn, penalize and remove players who are not following the safety rules. You will be provided with an arena package, including partition layouts & details, electrical requirements, and suggested audio / special effects. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Space & Site Selection is among the most critical variables in the success of your center, but also difficult to easily quantify and sum up. Players in the lobby will be able to see the scores live update throughout the game. Touch to cast your red aiming laser and pull the trigger to shoot with your Aurora Laser. forms: { VR-based games have their own advantages, especially with a weekday group of 1 or 2 players who might not have the best time playing in a laser tag arena alone.

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